RGN's required very urgently

£35.00 - £50.00 hourly
  • The Neighborhood Nursing Agency
  • Remote
  • Jul 12, 2022
Agency Care and Nursing Home Hospital Supported Living other

Job Description

he Neighborhood Nursing agency needs a Nursing hero, we are holding out for a hero till the end of the night, they have got to be strong, they have got to be fast, and they have got to be fresh from the fight, The Neighborhood needs a hero, we are holding out till the morning light, We need some hero’s, They have got to be sure, they have got to get to us soon, They have got to be larger than life..

We need healthcare hero’s.

Are you a healthcare hero… on the front line of care and saving lives, putting others needs first and ensuring that you hold true to your b=values and morals… the Neighborhood Nursing agency wants you to join with us today…we are looking for care workers/support workers and nurses of all kinds to become neighborhood hero’s and join us in the fight for a better healthcare industry as we start the healthcare revolution today… being a Neighbor means that you get rewarded for your work, not just paid, we look after each other and are as close as family, putting you first in all we do and making sure that you are seen to and you needs are met, one of our friendly Neighbors are ready to assist you and help with your application today, for the best pay rates, for the greatest rewards, the Neighborhood nursing agency is your next step to being recognised as a hero.


Call 0117 313 6468 today or visit www.nnaa.co.uk and one of our Friendly Neighbors will call you back.