Serve Homecare Ltd

Serve Homecare has been operating since July 2019, providing care and support in the community to a range of client groups and adults of all ages to maintain their independence and to remain in the comfort of their own homes.   

We support various funding groups with care and support, whether this is Private, Direct Payment or Personal Budget, we also support customers through Hertfordshire County Councils Adult Care Services meaning whatever your situation we can offer services to you and your loved ones.  

Serve Homecare's vision is to serve the local community and build a sustainable model of care where all users can receive personal care and support in their own homes, through the use of technology, innovative processes and professional care and support. By choosing Serve Homecare you are contributing to making this vision a reality, our service promotes dignity, respect, independence, and choice. We support our care team to shape our service and to continuously improve the exceptional model of services we deliver.

Seeing the extra lease of life these services provide to its users and support networks, is the reason we’re so passionate about what we do and our consistent approach to change for the better.