Arborvitae Care Services

Arborvitae Care Services Ltd (ACS) was founded in 2023 and despite being in its early stages, ACS prides itself on having a team with extensive knowledge, expertise, qualifications, and experience.

Arborvitae, which means 'Tree of Life' in Latin, represents unity and serves as a constant reminder that one is never alone or isolated.  Our company’s guiding principle; ‘Dum vita est, spes est, a Latin phrase that conveys the message that ‘where there is life there is hope!

Arborvitae Care are not only dedicated to but specialises in providing a high-quality and protection for looked after children in the UK; we are also deeply committed to our core belief that ‘every child matters’ and our motto, Dum vita est, spes est.   

We believe our crisis support service to be one of a kind and positive, offering safe, secure and protected placements for children and young people aged 8-16 from complex backgrounds, who display challenging behaviour, who are having difficulty finding a suitable placement.

We are a dynamic professional and innovative company, we strive for excellence by investing in our team.  We are committed to provide the best possible outcomes and making a positive difference to the future outcomes and making a positive difference to the future of the children we care for.  

Our Head Office is located in Liverpool and we operatethroughout the northwest with ambitious plans for expanding across the UK through organic growth, research, and development. Our expansion plan involves adding registered homes and semi-independent placements to our existing 28-day crisis activity-based provisions. 

ACS is not only committed to providing exceptional care and support but we believe that every child and young adult facing crisis deserves the best possible care and support. Our mission is to empower and educate young people, helping and enabling them to overcome their challenges and thrive in life. We offer a great environment for our young people to live and grow and a fantastic place for you to work.