Autism Anglia

Autism Anglia is an independent charity with a range of services across East Anglia which provide care and support to children, adults, and families affected by autism. Our services include an independent specialist school, further education provision, adult residential houses, study centres, supported living packages, professional advice and training, and family support and advice.

The charity offers a personalised approach that provides each individual with the necessary skills and strategies to enable them to realise their own strengths and abilities. Autism Anglia is passionate about assisting people with autism to lead the most independent life style as possible.

The origins of the charity begin in the early 1970’s with families living in Essex and Norfolk independently realising that there was no specialist provision for their children who were on the autistic spectrum. The lack of provision resulted in two separate organisations being operated and managed up until 2008 when there was a successful merger and the formation of Autism Anglia. The charity has continued to expand and grow and now employs over 390 members of staff in a range of diverse roles. We are passionate about changing and shaping the lives of people with autism for the better and are able to do so through raising awareness of the spectrum condition and by being part of Autism Alliance. The alliance has enabled us to increase capacity to campaign and lobby on behalf of people with autism by being part of a national organisation which has the power to reach and campaign for a better life for people with autism.

Autism Anglia is a well-established charity which provides ongoing training, supervision, continuing professional development and support, as well as an extensive induction on commencement of employment. It gives employees the opportunity to help others achieve and maintain their independence within their capabilities.