Norfolk Integrated Housing & Community Support Services (NIHCSS)

NIHCSS is a partnership between Together and St Martins and is an amazing place to work, not just because Together are one of the UK’s oldest and most respected mental health charities, because we put the people who use our services at the heart of everything we do – supporting and enabling them to take control of their lives and make a positive contribution to the community. The Norfolk Integrated Housing and Community Support Service (NIHCSS) supports adults (aged over 18) with severe and enduring mental health needs, including individuals with complex needs.

The service works with individuals to identify and make changes in a variety of areas of their lives in order to improve their wellbeing. We aim to support people to achieve their goals and to live as independently as possible in their local community.

We support people in supported living (located in Norwich, Great Yarmouth and King’s Lynn) and within the community.

We provide an inclusive and supportive environment for all our staff where our team are driven to stay and grow. We know that we are only as good as the people that work for us.

Our staff have a positive attitude and are committed to Together’s values around service user involvement. We are fortunate to have an inspiring and compassionate team, who work enthusiastically and creatively alongside our clients, supporting them on their journey towards greater wellbeing & independence.

These are some examples of the key attributes we look for:

1. Creativity

Whether you have come up with a new, inventive idea or found a solution to a difficult problem, thinking outside of the box and demonstrating creativity can make a real difference. Think of situations where you have used these skills in your everyday life; consider your achievements.

2. People Skills

Negotiating and listening well are really valuable traits within the work we do. Have you previously worked in in customer service, for example? Every day you will have listened and negotiated with customers. How did you achieve a successful outcome?

3. Adaptability

Being adaptable means you are able to respond quickly to changing ideas, responsibilities, expectations, and other processes. It’s a good way to show you’re flexible and eager to learn. Think of examples of how you have adapted to a change – this could be at home or in the workplace.

4. Leadership

Being someone who can coach, empower and support those around you is a skill required by our staff. Have you been involved in coaching a sports team, motivating and supporting your teammates?

5. Time Management

Being able to monitor workload and meet deadlines is an important skill in any job, and it helps you make the most of your time to accomplish more. How do you prioritise tasks? What is your approach?

Transferrable Skills

Due to the pandemic, two of the hardest hit industries include hospitality and retail. We are keen to consider people who have worked in these sectors. Recovery worker roles can be an excellent stepping stone in your career.

When it comes to recruiting the ideal employee, hard skills can be taught, but soft skills are generally harder to learn.

What do we mean by hard and soft skills? Well, soft skills are traits that make you a good worker; such as work ethic, organisation, communication, teamwork and problem solving. Hard skills are generally learned through education, training, or previous work experience. They're objective, meaning that once you've learned the information or task, you then possess that skill.

As long as you are passionate about our objectives and have these transferrable skills, a lack of sector experience may not necessarily be a barrier. Considering candidates from different industry backgrounds can really open up options.

Transferable skills can make you really stand out, even if you don’t have direct experience in our industry. If you don’t have any previous work experience, these can also be gained from hobbies and interests, voluntary work or even playing sport. You are likely to have a whole set of valuable skills you can bring with you