Alston Lodge Community Care Limited

Alston Lodge Community Care is a domiciliary care agency formed in 1994 as part of the original company Alston Lodge Residential Home and Community Care Limited. 


In June the company was split into two legal trading entities that are now owned by parent company Alston Lodge Group Limited, with Alston Lodge Community Care being the newco within the group. 


Alston Lodge Community Care will continue to provide domiciliary care within the geographical territory of the Ribble Valley, providing care to elderly adults, together with people with learning disabilities and mental health problems.


Our Vision, Mission and Values:



Our vision is to be the best provider of personal care, service and support. 



We have one simple mission to be “the best for all our Service Users ” by doing everything possible to ensure they get the best care, tailored to your exact requirements, provided by the highest trained team hand picked for their dedication and caring ability.




  • Focus on the Service User and everything else will follow
  • Great care is paramount
  • Treat everyone as an individual (person centred care)
  • Help our Service Users to enjoy the freedom to live longer, healthier, happier lives – their way
  • Allow Service Users to maintain personal independence, choice and responsibility for actions
  • Ensure Service Users maintain privacy, dignity, choice and space
  • Encourage Service Users to maintain and develop social contacts and interests
  • Provide access to an advocate who can act on their behalf to pursue matters in an independent manner
  • Ensure we involve Service Users and their advocates in key decisions about their care
  • We strive to be honest, transparent, fair and ethical in everything we do


The services we provide:

Alston Lodge Community Care provides the highest standards of personal care and support to Service Users over the age of 18 years old within their own homes. 

We provide our care services to the following Service User categories:

  • Elderly, vulnerable adults

·       People with learning disabilities

·       People with mental health problems

·       People suffering with dementia

·       People recovering from illnesses

·       People with sensory impairment

·       People with illness including end of life

We provide a range of care and support centred on the Service User’s individual needs, which include the following:

Personal Care

  • Washing and dressing
  • Bathing and showering
  • Social outings
  • Companionship and sit in services (day or night)
  • Escorted outings to medical appointments
  • Medication management
  • Private/end of life care
  • Re-enablement services
  • Holiday and respite care
  • Post operative support
  • Doctors and hospital visits
  • Night sittings
  • Day sittings
  • Pension collection


Domestic support

  • Housework
  • Shopping
  • Laundry
  • Ironing
  • Pension collection
  • Dog walking
  • Meals on wheels
  • Meal preparation
  • Paying bills