L&M Healthcare

At every L&M Healthcare nursing home you’ll find expert care in a luxurious home from home environment. We specialise in the kind of personalised general nursing and dementia care that develops, sustains and where possible, improves mental and motor skills.

We currently have five purpose built and luxuriously appointed nursing homes in the Northwest of England, offering a range of General Nursing, Residential, Dementia Nursing and Dementia Plus care.

While our staff are carefully chosen for their caring capabilities, experience and qualifications, they are equally selected on the basis of their empathy, understanding and ability to bring out the best in those in their care. With an emphasis on physical and mental stimulation, it is the remit of our staff to encourage residents to use their motor and mental skills at every opportunity – through conversation, external stimuli and the development of close and rewarding personal relationships.

Providing individual care programmes

One of our principal values is to treat each of our valued residents as an individual, responding to their unique needs and ensuring that their level of care matches their precise personal requirements. This is particularly important for those experiencing dementia and the physical effects of increasing age – and at L & M Healthcare, we pride ourselves on creating individual care programmes designed to develop, sustain and, wherever possible, improve both mental and motor skills.

Working together with you and your loved one, we can develop an individual care programme based on the information you provide us. From this, we can custom-design a care programme that can involve:

  • Physical exercise
  • Conversation and communications skills
  • Memory stimulation
  • Individual activities
  • Group involvement and activities

Stimulus material

To encourage active minds, there are stimulus materials everywhere – photos, objects d’art, games, plus carefully chosen period music playing on a state of the art sound system; on the dementia suites outside every guest’s room is a ‘Memory Box’ in which residents can place important photos, cards and memorabilia. Staff, visitors and residents can dip into the box and use the material to encourage conversation and reminiscence.

There are also ‘Sensory Hubs’ at the heart of each home – a broad central corridor on each floor, where residents are encouraged to visit regularly to meet and chat with fellow guests, staff and visitors.

Dedicated activity therapists are assigned to every suite to encourage residents to be active and involved in the home community.