About us

It's time to change how we recruit in the Health & Social Care sector.


For far too long job boards have charged a lot of money for poor quality candidates, sometimes charging for visibility and views only .  Part of this problem is that the candidates are not qualified and the Job Board is not specific to our sector.  


Our aim to create a simple, affordable and sector specific place to share jobs, attract candidates and help our industry thrive. 


OUR PROMISE:  No high fees, no locked in contracts, no minimum subscriptions and no high fees for small advertisers and huge discounts for large organisations.  We aim to create a fair environment where the job offer and employer information is what attracts the candidates, not the organisation with the biggest budget.  One price for all, one solution for the sector.


To deliver this promise, our advertisements for jobs  will be 100% free with no costs, no payment details required and no strings attached.  Furthermore you can upload volume vacancies across all your services or manually post individual jobs.  


During the next 12 month period we will be developing affordable and realistic job posting packages, standard, enhanced and sponsored.  They will cost a fraction of our competitors and deliver value for money.  We will engage with our advertisers and ask for their feedback and feature requests so that we can then launch our new Version 2 model, developed by our customers with the features and benefits that are important to them.  


Let's work together and make this an industry success story.  


Right now were offerieng free unlimited listings and featured adverts for higher visibility for only £9.99 per Job Posting.




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