Location: Gibraltar House, Portal Road, Monmouth, NP25 5FL.

Pay Rates from £13.50ph

Job Title:
Team Leader
Reporting To:
Home/Deputy Home Manager
Job Purpose
To oversee/maintain the care of residents within their assigned unit. May be required to act up for the
Home Manager or Deputy and take responsibility for the day-to-day running of the Care Centre. To ensure
that all Company policies and procedures and all legal requirements, are adhered to within defined
Main Responsibility
1 Manage the care team for the efficient running of the unit, to ensure the creation of an
atmosphere conductive to the best interests of the residents. Duties may include acting up for the
Deputy Home Manager and/or the Home Manager in their absence.
2 Interact with residents to ensure that their health care needs are being met and resolve any
problems where appropriate. Initiate and document any measures to support a resident’s well
being and health e.g. fluid charts etc.
3 Report any ill-health amongst residents and make requests for GP and other professional visits
where necessary.
4 Ensure meals are of sufficient quantity and good quality and that residents dietary needs are met.
5 Participate in general nursing & personal care giving to set standards and monitor care.
6 Support and assist the Home Manager in auditing Care Plan documentation and any other
aspects of care to ensure best practice.
7 Practice maximum integrity in all dealings with residents’ personal and financial affairs and
avoid abuse of the privileged relationship that exists with the residents.
8 Administer and document prescribed medicines in accordance with the Company’s procedure
and NMC guidelines.
9 Support staff in the delivery of supervisions and annual appraisals to ensure that they realise their
full potential and provide residents with the best possible care. Ensure that training is up to date
during supervision and maintain staff training files/records.
10 Assess all aspects of residents care needs and provide health supervision and direct Nursing
Care when required.

11 Maintain effective communications with the Home Manager/Deputy.
12 As requested by, and /or in the absence of the , Home Manager / Deputy maintain effective
communications with residents, relatives, staff members, operations manager, head office and
any other concerned bodies.
13 Maintain and monitor accurate reports regarding any incident/accident and the status of any
residents whose care/ health is causing concern.
14 Supervise visits and liaise with GPs in order to establish a good relationship between
GPs/Health Care professionals and Care Centre.
15 Ensure a clear and concise handover report is given to all Staff Members.
16 Arrange/participate in Staff and Resident meetings.
Budgetary/Financial Control
17 Manage, monitor and maintain budgets agreed by the Home Manager and Divisional Office.
Where necessary, in the absence of the Home Manager, take corrective action in the conjunction
with the Operations Director.
18 Ensure that all commodities used in and around the Care Centre are sensibly utilised by all Staff
Human Resources (HR)
19 Adhere to, and implement, all HR policies & procedures.
20 Maintain correct records of working hours of all Staff Members.
21 Monitor sickness and absence in line with company policy and report to Deputy / Home
22 Ensure all Staff Members are aware of the Company’s “Whistle Blowing” procedure.
23 In the absence of, or along with, the Home Manager or Deputy, implement and manage the
company’s discipline and dismissal policies and procedures.
24 Assist the Home Manager / Deputy with formal supervision / appraisal of Staff Members in line
with the Company’s policy and ongoing informal assessment of the work of Staff Members, to
ensure consistently high standards.
25 Ensure the company’s equal opportunities policy is understood and implemented.
26 Organise workload by forward planning off duty to ensure that there is sufficient Staff cover
and deal with problems where necessary i.e. doing the duty roster for the unit.
27 Be able to maintain the payroll in any unforeseen administrative/managerial absence.
28 Actively market the Care Centre and promote a positive personal / professional profile within
the local community, ensuring the good reputation of the Care Centre at all times.
29 In the absence of the Home Manager or Deputy, endeavour to fill any resident vacancy.
30 Ensure the Care Centre and your unit is attractively presented and odour free at all times in line
with the Company’s attention to detail philosophy.
31 Ensure there is a good viewing room and it is suitably presented and where necessary
permission of the resident or relative gained for visitors to view it.
Training & Development
32 Supervise and instruct junior and new Staff Members in all aspects of their work in the Care
Centre giving help and guidance where appropriate and assisting in keeping records up to date.
33 Maintain and improve professional knowledge and competence.
34 Attend mandatory training days, courses, on or off site, as and when required.
Health and Safety
35 Report immediately to the Home Manager or Deputy any illness of an infectious nature or
accident incurred by a resident, colleague, self or another. Be responsible for infection control
on the unit or for the Care Centre in the absence of clinical managers.
36 Understand and ensure the implementation of the Care Centre Health & Safety policy and
Emergency & Fire procedures.
37 In the absence of the Home Manager/Deputy Manager carry out duties as ‘Responsible Officer’
for the Care Centre in line with CSCI/CSSIW, the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) and
38 Report to the Home Manager, or the Handyperson, any faulty appliances, damaged furniture,
equipment or any potential hazard.
39 Promote safe working practice within the Care Centre.
40 Complete and submit to the Home Manager/Deputy any Regulation 37/38 forms as necessary
41 Adhere to all appropriate NMC guidelines/regulations and the General Social Care Council
Code of Conduct.
42 Ensure that all existing stocks are maintained in a safe and tidy environment and reorder as and
when required.
43 Maintain such log books and records as may be required by both the Registering Authority and
the Directors of the Company.
44 Be ‘on-call’ for emergencies which may arise within the Care Centre and to cover shifts if all
other avenues have been exhausted.
45 Ensure that all information of a confidential nature gained in the course of work is not divulged
to third parties.
46 Assist in the arrangements for fund raising and activities/events in the home.
Notify the Home Manager/Deputy as soon as possible of your inability to report for duty and
also your return to work from all periods of absence.
48 Ensure the security of the Care Centre is maintained at all times.
49 Adhere to all Company policies and procedures within the defined timescales.
50 Ensure all equipment is clean and well maintained.
51 Carry out other tasks that may be reasonably assigned to you.
This Job Description indicates only the main duties and responsibilities
Skills, Knowledge & Qualifications
• Registered with NMC, current Pin Number
• Satisfactory Police Check and check against the POVA List
• Previous management/supervisory experience
• Ability to communicate effectively at all levels
• Team player
• Genuine interest in working with the relevant Client group
• Experience/qualification in care for relevant Client group
• Minimum one years management/supervisory experience

Candidates must have a valid NMC Pin Number.
Candidates must be authorised to work in the EEC.


Please contact Sarah on 0117 9387748