Supporting and assisting Service Users who have a learning
difficulty/disability to access and participate in community
resources and learning programmes.


*Overall Purpose:*
• To enable Service Users to progress and achieve by providing high quality,
person centred support adopting a holistic approach.
• To support and assist Service Users in learning new skills, and increase their
confidence whilst promoting their independence towards choice and decisionmaking.
• To support and assist Service Users to maximise the use of community facilities
and services.

*Main Duties*
This Job description is a guide to the level and range of responsibilities the post holder will be expected to take initially. It is neither exhaustive nor inclusive and will be changed from time to time.
• Provide person centred & proactive support and assistance on a 1:1 basis to
Service Users enabling them to access Education, day services
and community based activities.
• Enable and promote Service Users to make informed choices by encouraging
new experiences, participation in their local community and a broad range of
• Assist Service Users to maintain and develop appropriate friendships and
• To communicate effectively with Service Users using their preferred method of communication.
• Be aware of and safe guard Service Users from bullying, harassment and
potential harm and abuse by following the “Protection of Vulnerable Adults”
policy and procedure.
• To advocate and represent the interest of Service Users as appropriate.
• To assess and minimise risks Service Users may face in undertaking activities or accessing services in the community, and to contribute, where appropriate, to a written risk assessment.
• Support and assist Service Users to understand any risks and problems they
may face, and manage these safely.
• Work with Service Users in a way which is respectful, person centred, creative and innovative and that promotes the individual’s independence.
• Support and assist Service Users with their personal care needs where
necessary, ensuring dignity, respect and privacy is observed at all times.
• To adhere to the individual’s Plan of care, including moving and handling.
• Support and assist Service Users with eating and drinking where necessary.
• Where appropriate, administer medication following training and in accordance with the correct procedures.

*Communication and reporting*
• Regularly liaise with the individual’s family and their circle of support.
• Support Service Users to be at the centre of their planning and review process.
• Work collaboratively with the individual, their circle of support, the local
community and any other stakeholders and share information where appropriate.
• To be involved in reviews and other meetings, and provide verbal and written
reports regarding the service user’s progress.
• Ensure respect and confidentiality is at the centre of any work undertaken.
• Recording information (e.g. In daily diaries, communication books, monitoring
forms etc), in a way that protects the service user’s private information in
accordance with the Data protections act 1998.

*Being a Team member*
• Work co-operatively as part of the individual’s circle of support
• Be flexible around the changing needs and wishes of the individual and their
circle of support.
• Be open and honest about your own needs as a PA and what will make things work for you.
• Attend regular supervision and appraisal meetings
• Maintain a high awareness of what works and doesn’t work for the individual
being supported in regards to the support you provide and identify any training
needs and attend regular updates as part of your continuing professional

*Providing quality and innovative support*
• Be creative and innovative in the way you think about and provide support to
the individual to achieve and progress.
• Contribute to the administrative and recording processes to ensure the support,resources and services around the person meet the appropriate regulatory and quality assurance requirements.
• Use creativity and innovation to provide support and develop opportunities for
the individual.

*Equal Opportunities and Anti-Discriminatory Practice*
• Demonstrate at all times a high level of commitment to equal opportunities,
diversity and the principles of citizenship.

• Work flexibly as part of the individual’s support team including daytime, evening and weekend working as required.
• Support Service Users on a one to one basis
• Be prepared to travel as part of the support.
• Be part of a support team that requires flexibility but also recognises the need to meet your needs to provide support effectively where required and

About PALS Ltd

At PALS we believe that people with learning difficulties have the right to be in control of their own lives. We aim to enable people to experience full and exciting lives through the application of professional support in a variety of settings.PALS Ltd is an innovative Service Provider founded in 2006 by Kirk Wells to provide specialist 1:1 support for people with learning difficulties / disabilities.

PALS were pioneers in taking the approach of combining Learning Support with Social Care and we are very proud that other agencies / providers have since attempted to emulate our approach.

East of England Winners of the 'Putting People First Award' in 2010 and 2014, and National Finalists in 2011 and 2015, PALS continues to lead the way with first class specialist services.