Job Purpose:

·         To be responsible for the Assessment, Planning, Implementation and Evaluation of individual care plans living in the home.

·         To participate in a range of assessments including risk and self-harm.

·         To supervise a designated number of staff and assume a mentorship role for Care Pathway staff.

·         To assist in standard setting and evaluating quality outcomes.

·         To take charge of the Hostel in the absence of the person with continuing responsibility.


Clinical Responsibilities

To work collaboratively as a Primary/Named Nurse/Key worker within the multidisciplinary team, including liaising with associated professionals and other agencies.

To ensure that patient centred care plans are developed, implemented, evaluated and recorded.

To facilitate Hostel activities.
To ensure risk management issues are assessed, identified and care planned for, any issues of concern communicated within the multidisciplinary team.
To ensure effective communication with patients, carers, visitors and staff.
To make effective use of evidence based practice in day-to-day clinical practice.
To implement and ensure effective use of the Mental Health act where necessary.
To ensure safe standards apply to the administration of medication.


About AllenDay Ltd.

AllenDay are dedicated to providing the highest calibre of care professionals. We support private & public care homes and NHS trusts to provide care to working age adults and/or the elderly. In understanding that care is our number one priority we will work with you to keep you as busy as you need.
We understand that the advantage of being an agency worker is that you require flexibility which we can provide for you.  What we ask in return is good work ethics, a professional approach to your work and a good relationship with your Recruitment Consultants at AllenDay.
AllenDay are Recruitment Specialist providing Healthcare Assistants to the NHS and private